Peel Slowly…

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Up-Tight/The Velvet Underground Story 

1990 updated edition by Omnibus Press, by Victor Bockris and Gerard Malanga

Under Review by Tobe Damit

At the forefront of modern music are The Velvet Underground. Their story is as strange and twisted as their music. Its ramifications and implications on modern-day music, are as deep as they are Legion. Studded with exclusive, amazing photos, stunningly written accounts, interviews, comments and reviews,  Up-tight/The Velvet Underground Story by Victor Bockris and Gerard Malangameticulously relates the life and death of this now legendary band. The story is told based on two underlying, concurrent premises: The first being that everyone being uptight and that contradicting point of views were the driving force behind the evolution of the VU and that it had the most unexpected, revolutionary effect on the very essence of this highly unusual band and its complex fate; the second being that a series of amputations, first…

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Peel Slowly… (part II)

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Q and A with Up-Tight co-author Victor Bockris

This is (obviously) the follow-up toPeel Slowly… , my review of Up-Tight/The Velvet Underground Story, previously published here on Loud Alien Noize, it is with great pleasure that I once again have the opportunity to interview Victor Bockriswho co-wrote Up-Tight with Gerard Malanga. Up-Tight is without question the best book ever written about the Velvet Underground. What a team to write about a band that is arguably one of the most influential American rock bands ever. Based on interviews with former members Lou Reed, John Cale, and Sterling Morrison, as well as others from Andy Warhol‘s circle of artistic collaborators, Up-Tight is the definitive oral and visual history of the band and its revolutionary, often avant-garde music. Bockris and Malanga’s intelligent and entertaining approach, which does not shy away from the drugs, sleaze, and controversy that enveloped the…

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SXSW Film Review: Paradox Works Better as a Concert Film Than As a Sci-Fi Western — Consequence of Sound

Leading up to the premiere of her Netflix-bound sci-fi Western Paradox, Daryl Hannah and her partner Neil Young have done everything in their power to dispel it as a serious film. “It’s just fun,” Young told Billboard, with Hannah echoing the exact same sentiment before last night’s screening during South by Southwest. Elsewhere, she’s called it “an…

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